Box Hill encompasses Rudloe, “Box Hill” and Chapel Plaister. Box Parish Council administers the Wiltshire Council playground at the Rudloe Estate and the general affairs of Box Hill and Rudloe and includes Lacy Wood which was donated by George Lacy for the millennium and was planted with 500 trees.

On Box Hill is the Parish Council owned grounds known as “The Common”. It was purchased from a local farmer, a Mr. Lacy, in 19xx and comprises xx acres.

It is divided into two sections, the upper and lower common. The upper section is kept cut and has picnic tables. The locals walk their dogs, have picnics and play games. It is occasionally used for functions. The lower section is comprised of mixed vegetation, paths and open spaces.

The common is used for recreation and nature study.

An area on the Rudloe Estate known as Rudloe Green has been designated as a Public Open Space and Local Park by Wiltshire Council.